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Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920

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Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920
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Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920 - Additional Image
Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920 - Additional Image
Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920 - Additional Image


Juwel Aquarium HeliaLux LED 920.

  • Modern LED lighting for each JUWEL Aquarium: HeliaLux LED is the new LED alternative to traditional T5 fluorescent lamps with energy savings of 50%.
  • The HeliaLux LED is a high-performance light unit that will make the change from T5 LED problem.
  • The latest SMD LEDs ensure maximum light output for optimal plant growth with simultaneous energy saving of approximately 50% compared to T5.

The Juwel HeliaLux 920 fits the Juwel Vision 180 Aquarium.

Heat Control
Specially developed aluminum honeycomb ensure optimum heat dissipation and ensure a long life of SMD LEDs.

White and blue LEDs provide a broad light spectrum and a natural image in your aquarium.

A high-tech membrane within the HeliaLux LED prevents the penetration of moisture and promotes the controlled air exchange.

Anti Scratch
Durable and scratch-resistant safety glass provides optimum Protects your HeliaLux LED light unit.

The HeliaLux LED is available in 8 lengths for each JUWEL Aquarium and allows easy switching between T5 LED.

With the optional HeliaLux Day + Night Control individual lighting profiles can be configured.

  • Save energy - only 35w
  • No tubes to replace.
  • No end caps to replace.
  • Needs no reflectors